These days, huge numbers of us go to the hair salon consistently to color their hair. A few of us to cover the white wires, a few of us need to utilize our hair in various hues renk

What amount do we think about an application that is such a great amount of part of our lives?

Without a doubt the primary inquiry that rings a bell: Does hair colors hurt the hair?

Truly, hair colors can harm the hair, make the hair progressively weak and dry. So what would we be able to do to guarantee that our hair is harmed as meager as conceivable from the hair colors?

Pick hues that are nearer to your hair conceals or darker. Multiple shades of shading than your hair shading will wear the hair.

On the off chance that you have any grievances, for example, redness and tingling in the wake of painting, promptly evacuate the paint with a lot of water and counsel your dermatologist before applying the paint once more.

Shield your hair from the sun. Drawn out introduction to sun, pool and ocean makes hair weak, dry and frayed.

In the event that we focus on these substances, we can have progressively energetic and solid and furthermore colored hair.

Another as often as possible posed inquiry is: Does hair color lose hair?

No, this isn’t normal on the grounds that there is a low possibility of lasting harm to the hair. Hair color, which we call hair shaft, colors the body of the hair. It doesn’t come to the bulbus, the root part, that remaining parts in our scalp. Accordingly, there is little probability of changeless balding. In any case, in the event that you presume such a condition, you should check with your dermatologist.

Another issue is hair colors during pregnancy. Our hair keeps on developing during 40 weeks of incubation; Let me surmise, at double the speed! She looks more advantageous, isn’t that right? Indeed, pregnancy is a period that we as a whole love about our hair.

In any case, the inquiry promptly emerges: Can hair be colored during pregnancy?

There is no logically demonstrated data that hair colors hurt the unborn child. Be that as it may, ideally after the principal trimester of pregnancy, it ought to be controlled in a well-ventilated room and without sitting tight for the greater part 60 minutes.

Is sağlıklı henna sağlıklı more advantageous than hair color?

No doubt. Hair color is less hazardous on the grounds that there are no peroxide-like substances that harm the hair. Nonetheless, it is hard to accomplish the ideal hair shading. Along these lines, all together not to be horrified (!), It is valuable to paint by foreseeing the outcomes.

I’m additionally getting inquiries regarding the pattern of natural hair colors. All without peroxide paints are alluded to as normal items. To be totally natural, it must contain no synthetics. It tends to be taken from the marks on the item by focusing on the substance. You ought to lean toward hues near your hair tone since it isn’t opener in every natural color. Or then again you should utilize dull tones to turn whites off. In the event that issues happen with your scalp, remember to go to the dermatologist.


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